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Netherlands, Amsterdam - 24 January 2014

Arthur D. Little en UITP identificeren 25 maatregelen voor steden om toekomstige mobiliteitsuitdagingen het hoofd te kunnen bieden

Strategie consultant Arthur D. Little heeft samen met zijn partner UITP – de Internationale Vereniging van Openbaar Vervoer – drie strategische richtingen en 25 maatregelen geïdentificeerd, die door steden overwogen moeten worden om de toekomst van de stedelijke mobiliteit vorm te geven.

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Belgium, Brussels - 24 January 2014

Arthur D. Little and the UITP identify 25 imperatives to enable cities to cope with future mobility challenges

Global consultancy Arthur D. Little, together with its partner the UITP – The International Association of Public Transport – identifies three strategic directions and 25 imperatives for cities to consider to better shape the future of urban mobility.

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Sweden, Stockholm - 16 December 2013

Innovation Leader of the year 2013

The world is currently entering a new era in which companies, nations, and continents must reinvent themselves. Intense competition, shorter product lifecycles and the continuing aftermath of a global economic crisis means it is more essential than ever to constantly change in order to survive. Against this backdrop, individuals who constantly push innovation and transformation to reach growth are highly in demand. With the new “Innovation Leader of the Year” award a jury of Swedish experts and executives recognizes young individuals who show the potential to become such leaders. This year the prize was awarded to Yingzhi Zhu Ryberg (31), a PhD Student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).

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Belgium, Brussels - 16 December 2013

Future of Urban Mobility ranking shows most cities are still badly equipped for tomorrow’s mobility challenges and identifies strategic recommendations

The new version of the ‘Future of Urban Mobility’ study includes an update of Arthur D. Little’s Urban Mobility Index, assessing the world’s cities in terms of mobility maturity and performance and together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) identifies strategic directions and recommendations  for cities to better shape their future.

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