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Crowd innovation fosters new business opportunities

As a practice, crowd innovation has been around for more than 200 years. But only in the digital age has it become the hot topic it is now. And it cannot be implemented with a “one size fits all” approach, but needs significant planning.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Technology & innovation management

“Mastering the complexity of a growing global footprint”

The real globalization of our footprint started in 1995, when the company was privatized and acquired by the Benetton family. This brought a new wave of enthusiasm and ambition.

How business leaders can care about the world – profitably

In today’s world the question of third-party interests is of increasing importance as companies leave their footprint around the globe in different societies. How and to what degree should executives allow for these externalities?

Putting patients at the center of a new biopharma business...

The pharmaceutical industry is suffering. Expiring patents, increasing demands from regulators and decreasing healthcare budgets are putting companies under pressure, and the industry has to walk a narrow tightrope between keeping profitability up and quickly developing attractive medications....

“The future is about cooperative competition”

Mr Bajaj, in the long term some people foresee the business world evolving into a bipolar one: the “West” versus the “Emerging Markets.” Would you concur with that view?

The impact of future travelers’ preferences on the tourism...

Tourism is a highly sensitive reflector of the general state of the economy, falling rapidly in response to a downturn but then bouncing back to growth more quickly than most.

"In a connected world we must work together"

On April 3rd, Arthur D. Little interviewed Jürgen Hambrecht, CEO of the world’s most respected chemical company. Through its myriad business relations, BASF has unparalleled insights into the well-being and direction of the global economy.

"Next Practice: Building on Strategy, Innovation...

Prism author Stefan Stern from the London-based Financial Times recently had a chance to catch up with Arthur D. Little's new global CEO, Michael Träm, who has just finished his first 200 days at the firm. In a long conversation Träm discussed the strengths of Arthur D.

"Knowledge is the only resource that increases through...

As Arthur D. Little celebrates its 120th anniversary we reprint snapshots from a selection of Prism articles from the Nineties to see how the concepts and thoughts presented back then fare in today’s light.

"Who says it can't be done?", a light-...

In a light-hearted potted history of Arthur D. Little, we explore our company’s past while shredding light on the present, showing what’s different, what’s fun and what is particularly special about Arthur D. Little and its people.