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World Leading Appliance Manufacturer Upgrades its Innovation Management Capabilities


As one of the world’s leading global producers of home appliances, our client needed a solution that would not only support and integrate with its existing global innovation processes but also upgrade its Innovation Management capabilities throughout the company.  With a unique combination of innovation management expertise and software flexibility, Arthur D. Little and Sopheon came together to implement Accolade as the platform for their global innovation initiatives. This Innovation Management System spanned several areas:  strategic market planning, idea generation, technology development, product development, commercial launch and management of existing product ranges.


After having successfully completed the pilot, the Arthur D. Little team worked side-by-side with a dedicated core team from the client in the areas of: blueprinting, system configuration, testing, training and the roll-out of the solution worldwide.  The innovation process was transformed to ensure that these processes were logically structured and ready for digitalization.  To support the company’s decision making process, the technical infrastructure was set-up, report templates were developed, and the system was configured with metrics (data fields) customized to its business. Detailed plans for the launch were produced and training was provided to both internal trainers and the user community.


After the first wave of implementation, the client’s innovation process was better aligned with their portfolio strategy and market needs.  The implemented system received positive feedback from employees who were closely involved in the company’s innovation efforts. All ongoing projects and planned projects are run in the system so that everyone is aware of the company’s portfolio of innovation initiatives. The management teams are able to create real time portfolio overviews consisting of current products, ongoing projects and planned development projects that highlight the implications on future business performance as well as the gaps against set ambitions.  The company now has a “holistic” view of their innovation activities and product portfolio.

The execution of the project was considered “state of the art” by the client, as timing, performance, and user satisfaction were far better than any other project they had previously experienced.

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